Male Enhancement Products Then and Now

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Back in the late 80s and early 90s it was not easy for men to buy  male enhancement products such as pills. These are not readily available in a convenience store, pharmacy and even online. Male enhancers are only available in selected adult stores, and during that time, the internet was still in its infancy, hence no online stores selling such products.

Back in the day, men are somewhat reluctant to use enhancers, and they fear that someone may see them going and buy it in adult stores. In short, it was not in the open market and only few people know how to get it.

Today, it is a different story. Big convenience stores, department stores, online and offline pharmacies are now selling male enhancement like cup cakes. Moreover, over the counter male enhancer today are far more effective than it was. Of course, it depends on which type and who manufactured the pills. That is why, it is essential to investigate before picking one.

Take some time to research who made the product and scrutinize ingredients used as enhancers. Generally, over the counter male enhancement pills are formulated based on herbal and natural ingredients such as VigRX Plus and Male Extra.

It is vital to keep in mind that, over the counter enhancers are not an absolute substitute for a professional treatment. If one suffers from an erectile dysfunction due to certain medical health conditions, it is highly suggested consulting a doctor so treatment can be administered accordingly.

Typically, OTC enhancers are for men who are looking to enhance sex drive and performance, these are not for men who have health conditions or for those who are taking medications, because certain ingredients can interact with the medication which may lead to undesirable results.

Over the counter male enhancements products come in many form such as lotions, creams, drinks and supplements in the form of pills or capsules. For those who want to take these enhancers, be reminded that these do not provide long-lasting results.

However, it is excellent for short-term boost in performance, attaining erection that is longer and harder. Even energy drinks can be an excellent male enhancement itself. Anything that improve blood flow can significantly help men achieve better sex drive and performance.

Another to keep in mind is that, there are certain over the counter enhancers which renders minor side effects such as headaches or dizziness. If one experience such in a longer period of time, consult a doctor to determine whether there is something behind that causes it. Never ignore minor side-effects, immediately consult a doctor and address the issue. This is somewhat bothersome, specially for those who are first timers. For longtime users, it may not be a big deal.

Although, male enhancement products cannot be considered treatments, there is a way to make its effects long lasting. Practice and live a healthy lifestyle through eating a proper diet and obtain enough rest every night.

Additionally, minimizing alcohol consumption and quitting smoking are both very helpful for anyone who wants to improve sexual performance as well as improve fertility or increased sperm count. Both abusive drinking and heavy smoking are damaging to sexual health in men. Most of the time, medical expert considers penile health reflects a man's overall health condition.

What Role Does Communication Play For Male Enhancements

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Probably every man searching for information about male enhancements want to do something to improve his sexual performance. There are two types of men who are looking for male enhancements, one who has serious problems in sexual health and one who is simply looking for ways to improve his sexual performance beyond what his capacity.

For one who is simply seeking more improved performance, there are easy options such as doing exercise through masturbation. This helps in delaying the ejaculation and be able to perform longer in bed. There are also pills which are formulated based on natural ingredients which sometimes help in achieving longer and harder erection.

On the other hand, for men who have suffered erectile dysfunction or impotence due to certain physical condition, it is important to communicate. It's either communicating to your partner(wife) or consulting a doctor. The key to solving this problem is to let yourself in and be diagnosed about the possible causes and why erectile dysfunction occurs.

Moreover, it is also imperative to let your partner know what you are experiencing. The key to a happy and healthy sex life is communication. Talk about it often what your partner wants and don't want.

Sometimes, men want to have male enhancements because they feel they are not doing well with their partner. However, their partner don't want any enhancement from them.

It was surprising to know that men after communicating to their partner, they have learned that the issue is not having a big penis. Most of the time, women wants more passionate sex rather than the more aggressive performance.

The Best Time To Communicate

Probably, the most appropriate time to communicate with your partner about sex is before having an intercourse. Talk about the most intimate things both of you want happen during the intercourse. This alone can provide both partners the actual DOs and DONTs.

Furthermore, this eliminate those hidden feelings of shyness, where it seems that one of you is hiding something. Express yourself and tell your partner to do the same. It is more enjoyable to having sex where both partners are enjoying.

What Is Premature Ejaculation And How To Avoid It

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I have compiled a few helpful videos regarding the topic of premature ejaculation. This one of the common issues that occur in men, specially for those who have sex for the first time.

Experiencing premature ejaculation is somewhat embarrassing to the sex partner, and additionally, it can make someone feel that he has not satisfied his partner sexual activities.

For a married couple, the husband or male sex partner may feel that his wife still wants more, however, due to rapid ejaculation occurrence, there is nothing more he can do. If this happens to you as a married couple, honestly admit it to your wife and talk over about the ways on avoiding it. If you admit it honestly, there is a big chance and most women understands it. Majority of women may even help finding ways of controlling it and help delay the ejaculation.

There are certain ways on handling ejaculation (I suggest you watch the video for the tips and tricks about how to control or overcome premature ejaculation). Mostly, this is a psychological issue and can be easily addressed through constant practice of controlled deep breathing, diverting one's imagination when it's about to explode or through masturbation.

Masturbation significantly help in controlling ejaculation. The more one masturbate and attempting to control ejaculation occurrence, the bigger the chances it will be learned quickly.

What Is Premature or Rapid Ejaculation?

Part One

Part Two

Ways Of Handling or Controlling Premature Ejaculation

There you have it, premature ejaculation along with its facts, controlling and delaying the explosion.

If you are among those men who are experiencing rapid explosion, admit it and seek help. If you have a partner, talk about it... Most of the time, any problem between partners can easily be solved.

Increasing Male Fertility The Natural Way

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Fertility hugely depends on one's health condition. Meaning, the healthy a person is, the more chances he has a higher fertility.

Medical Options For Increasing Fertility In Men

When a man has fertility issue, he has two options to increasing male fertility, natural or medical option. The key here is having to admit if there is really a problem. In order to determine if there is a problem, consulting a doctor who is an expert in the field would a be great idea. When diagnose, it is essential to follow what the doctor recommends.

The truth is, there are men who are proud of themselves and want to be considered an alpha male. However, fertility can hit any type of men, specially those who are abusive in terms of alcohol consumption and heavy in cigarette smoking.

The key to increased fertility is simple, stay healthy, follow healthy diet and wholesome lifestyle. Probably one of the most common causes of low fertility in men is smoking. This alone can cause significant degradation in result in sperm count. Not only that, it affects the blood circulation by narrowing the blood vessels making it hard for the heart to pump blood towards the entire body.

And, do you know that among the major causes of erectile dysfunction is poor blood circulation in the penis? If the entire body's blood circulation is affected by smoking, most likely it affects the penis as well, resulting in less sex drive and possibly erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Many men realized the dangers of smoking, however they neglect to link it towards fertility. Should one need to have an improved or increased fertility, live a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, if there is something wrong, medical options are available as well.

Before leaving this post, watch the videos above as these helps one guide how to become healthy and increased fertility at the same time.

Facts About Alcohol and Smoking

Bad Effects Of Smoking

  • Around 23 percent decrease in sperm concentration
  • Around 13 percent decrease in sperm motility
  • Lots of changes in sperm morphology

Bad Effects Of Alcohol

  • Can cause damage to healthy cells which are are responsible for producing sperm cells. Occasional and moderate alcohol drinking may not affect, but abusive consumption can.
  • Degrades the quality sperm cells.
  • May cause gynecomastia, which is a disease for low levels of surgical urge.

The Facts Behind Pyronie's Disease Revealed

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Pyronie's disease also known as induratio penis plastica(IPP) is deformity of the penis usually result in unusual curving in upward direction. It is normal for a penis to be curved, however the Pyronie's disease is beyond the normal curve which can cause pain, discomfort and difficulty during sexual intercourse.

This condition occurs mostly on men ages 30 and above. This is due to the scar tissue which occurs at the erectile tissue in the penis. Until these days, it is still controversial as why this happens, but most medical expert believed that is due to trauma or injury during sexual intercourse, others believed that it is related to some genetically manifested disease. It's not clear yet, but one thing clear is that, if one has this, solutions are available should one consult and seek medical support.

It is estimated that between 1% and 4% of men have Pyronie's disease. However, this estimate is probably far beyond the actual numbers as some men do not seek medical advice and support due to the perception of embarrassment. Men who have this kind of penile condition should not hesitate to consult and seek medical advice. There are effective solutions available to correcting the issue, however it is vital that one must consult a doctor in order to be guided accordingly as what appropriate action is necessary.

Treatment Options and Procedures

As explained in the video above, there are treatments available for this type of penile condition. This is a clear sign that this is really treatable and correctable should one seek medical help.

Ignoring such condition will only cause pain on you, but for your partner as well. Enjoying an exciting and interesting intercourse should be experience towards both partners. Tell your partner about, talk about it and decide to seek medical help while it's still early. It maybe too late when you decide to correct if you are in your 80s.

Physical Therapy, Self-Administered Treatment Procedures and Gadgets

Although doctors recommend the surgical procedure for correcting Pyronie's disease, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics, Male Edge and X4 Labs extenders are available in the market which can be bought by anyone who wants to perform self-administered and gentle stretching of the scar tissue causing the condition. This procedure is not advise by doctors, but there are some controversial endorsement seen online with regards to penis extenders.

Additionally, new version of penis pumps based on water pressure have potential to help correct Pyronie's disease. Hydro penis pumps are the new type of pumps that uses water instead of air vacuum. The good news, hydro pumps are more efficient than conventional air vacuum pumps. Even though these pumps are safe to use, it is recommended to follow the manufacturers' instructions on how to use the product properly and safely.

The very first hydro pump sold in the market was Bathmate. Quickly, it become popular among men who are interested in increasing penis length and girth. In fact, men who have used it are happy with the results they have achieved.

Late of last year, 2012, another player emerged in the world of hydro pumps. Penomet released its own version of hydro penis pumps. It has different but innovative design to achieving different pressure of pumping.

Seeking Psychological Support

The reason why this penile condition is not really known to most men is that, those who have such condition are afraid to reveal it to seek medical assistance, due to embarrassment or perhaps the feeling of inferiority and loss of self-confidence. These are all psychological issues, and perhaps before going to a medical professional for treatment, approaching a support group such as the might be a good idea.

Having a support group or a group of people who understand the situation can significantly help encourage the patient to seek medical treatment. Therefore, if anyone of you who is reading this article, visit the website mentioned and ask advice. You don't have to suffer on it for a lifetime, where there is a possible solution waiting for you.

Penile Enlargement Techniques To Avoid

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There is no doubt that most men want to increase penis size, and some even perform techniques even if it poses risk. When searching online for penis enlargement exercises for increasing the penile size, there are 3 popular techniques that will always come ahead of the search results, these are clamping, stretching and hanging.

Men when presented with these techniques, majority will go grab one and do the exercise. However, these exercises should be avoided as each has its own danger associated. Besides these are risky procedures, it gives a very disappointing results.

We are going to discuss below each method and why one should avoid it. Better use what you have than having to achieve undesirable results using these techniques.

Clamping Exercise

Clamping exercise involve using a clamping device with the goal to increase length of the penis. Unfortunately, this is among the most unsafe technique of penile exercise. It does not offer beneficial results, instead it results in long-term adverse effects like thrombosis, pain and discomfort, tingling sensation on the tip of the penis as well as numbness.

Stretching Exercise

When penis stretching is concern, this exercise involves using a traction or stretching device. This may not be as bad as the clamping technique, but this too does not give good results. Should we say, it's not worth the time and effort doing with very little or unnoticeable results.

As with clamping, stretching devices can lead to pain and discomfort, impotence, tissue damage, urinary issues as well as cell damage which can result to long-term or irreversible damage to the penis. There is always an exception, though... as performing stretches in moderate but consistent frequencey can lead to or encourage natural growth or increase in penis size in the long run.

Hanging Exercise

Among the three techniques mentioned, hanging is the oldest one using weights and gadgets which hang on the penis. This results to minor increase to the length of the penis, however it could decrease the size. Therefore, there is a trade-off between the increase in length and the decrease in size. The length is how long is the penis while the size is the girth or the diameter of the penis.

As with the other techniques mentioned, this method can cause undesirable effects such as sever nerve damage and erectile dysfunction or impotence.

The good news is, these techniques are outdated and are not recommended to be use as a male or penile enhancement. Therefore, if there is one promoting in the internet claiming these are new techniques, that is a lie as these techniques existed many years ago and proven to caused bad effects for a man's sexual health.

If anyone wants to increase the size of the penis, consulting a medical professional who is expert in the field is highly recommended. Never attempt to do anything unless you know exactly what you are doing. Doing something physical that is not clinically approved could endanger the penis health, it could be irreversible and this could be the end of the sexual activity.

Always consider the risks and weigh if the method is worth doing. In fact, one may not need a bigger size, as most women are satisfied with what her partner has, size does not matter. Men may not be aware that having a larger penis is simply psychological, performance always wins. However, psychological factors have significant impact on one's personality, particularly self-confidence when it comes to women and sexual performance.

Male Enhancement Surgery Gain and What Women Thinks About Sizes

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For most men, having a bigger penis is a big deal, whether one admits it or not. Even though most women admit that size does not matter, but there are some who admit that when engaged with a partner having bigger penis, it does provide more pleasure.

Whether that's psychological, only they know exactly if it really an advantage or not. However, it seems that having penis a bit bigger than the average is more preferable.

With regards to men who are under average size penis, one of the realistic options for male enhancement is through surgery. However, it is essential to note that sizes vary according to race. Hence, a Japanese man is not recommended to having the size of an average American man.

How It Works

Part 1

Part 2

The Two Surgical Techniques

There are two surgical methods use for male enhancement, the thickening(widening) and lengthening. The lengthening method was inspired and began in Boston during the early 1980s. This method was meant to help children who were born with micro penis, small penis at 6 cm in length during full erection. This typically gives and additional 2.4 inches in length. Learn more about these origins here

During the late 1980s, a Chinese doctor in the name of Dr. Long Daochao improved the method and he was known to be the inventor of penis lengthening technique that is being use until today. In fact, he was considered as the pioneer and inventor of modern penis extension.

In the late 1980s, Long developed the modern procedure of penis augmentation where the skin of the penis is cut at the base of the shaft to reveal the suspensory ligament, which attaches the penis to the body.

Long then cut this ligament which allowed lowered the penis down and forward, before covering the gap between the shaft and the bone with the skin of the lower abdomen.

However, Dr Long is by no means the first person to experiment with penises.

The Male Miamin of New Guinea wear artificial penis extensions to increase their masculine appearance. Australian aboriginals have been known to split their penis down the urethral slit so that it ended up as a broad flat band, and South Sea Islanders from Mangaia create a "super incision" deep down the top of the penis so the foreskin hangs down in a drape, leaving the glans exposed.

Sources 1 and 2. Unfortunately, there are not many sources about Dr. Long Daochao in order to learn more about of his works regarding penis enlargement.

On the other hand, the thickening or widening method started in Miami during the early 80s as well and utilizing the technique which now known in modern medicine as FFT or free fat transfer. This method was widely accepted and it offers high success rate during its first operations.

The Ideal Size

As mentioned, ideal size for a penis is dependent on ethnicity or race. Below are the ideal sizes with respect to ethnicity;
  • France – typical 6.3 inches
  • Italy and Russia – typical 5.9 inches
  • Mexico – typical 5.9 inches
  • Germany – typical 5.7 inches
  • Spain – typical 5.4 inches
  • Japan – typical 5.1 inches
  • United States – 5.1 inches
  • Saudi Arabia – 4.9 inches
  • India – 4 inches
  • Korea – 3.8 inches

As listed above, penis sizes are dependent to races or ethnicity. Therefore, the decision of having a penile enhancement or enlargement can be base on the sizes mentioned. Of course, one should match the size as to which ethnicity he belongs.

Always keep in mind before opting for a surgical way of enhancing the penis. Talk to your partner on what you agree about the operation. If both agrees, then it's a good time to go and have the surgery, otherwise if one disagree, just use what nature provides you.

Natural Male Enhancements Using Foods and Herbs

Pin It Now! While most male enhancers known to many are in the form of pills, there are also natural sources such as foods, herbs and exercises. In the previous post, all-natural tips on how to overcome ED were discussed. The information in the post would be a great supplemental sources for anyone who wants to go natural way of solving and maintaining a good sexual drive.

However, it must be noted that these foods are not an absolute substitute for a professional treatment, should one already suffer from severe erectile dysfunction. That kind of condition, male enhancements may not be effective if not properly chosen. On the other hand, if one is looking for natural ways to maintain active sexual drive and performance, these sources are good maintenance, not only for sexual activities but for overall health in general.

Foods Abundant In Vitamin E

Vitamin is an antioxidant which helps prevent free radical formations which are molecules causing risks in medical conditions such as arthritis and cancer. Researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center reported that Vitamin E does help improve the production of various sex hormones. This improvement was observed during the occurrence of ED. Approximately 400 IU is the recommended consumption of vitamin E daily for one who is experiencing ED.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine have declared sunflower, corn, spinach, wheat germ or nuts are good sources of Vitamin E. Obviously, these are only a few of the sources and there are dozens or even hundreds of other sources available.

Foods Abundant In Vitamin C

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is mostly connected to not having a good blood flow. Vitamin C is a good for improving blood circulation for the entire body. Taking enough vitamin C regularly can enhance one's blood circulation, improve sex drive and may solve ED in the long run.

Foods like green peppers, oranges, citrus fruits, mango, kiwi, cabbage, watermelon, pineapple, cranberries, winter squash and many others are excellent dietary sources of Vitamin C. A recommended dosage of daily vitamin C is between 250 to 500 mg.

Saw Palmetto

This plant has lots uses and known to be one of the primary ingredients of many supplements, including hair loss treatments. Little known fact to many, saw palmetto has been used by men to treat problems in the reproductive system. It has been known to treat problems such as urinary tract issues, libido booster and increasing sperm count. A dosage of 160 mg per day is recommended, taken either through capsules or liquid extracts.

However, the characteristic of this medicinal plant is known to interact with other medications. Thereby, if one is taken other medications, consulting a doctor is advised prior to incorporating in a daily health routine.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba helps expand the blood vessels which results to a more efficient blood flow. Achieving this would solve erectile dysfunction, specially if the cause of ED is directly related to poor blood circulation.

This plant's extract is also widely known to be one of the primary ingredient in sexual enhancement pills as well as in supplements for improving memory. Today, Gingko biloba comes in many forms such as extracts, teas and tablets. The recommended dosage is between 50 to 100 mg for the daily requirements.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that the medicinal properties of this plant tends to interact other medications, such as medications for blood-thinning. To avoid unexpected side-effects, consulting a doctor is recommended prior to taking gingko biloba in any form.

Sea Foods Rich In Omega 3

Sea foods rich in Omega 3 like salmon is also a good male enhancer, also sea shells. Good for the heart and improve blood circulation as well.

These are among the foods which are considered to be a good natural male enhancements. Although, these are all-natural, there are certain foods or herbals that are to be taken with care as it interacts with other medications.

If one does not have any medications taken, saw palmetto and gingko biloba can be taken without even without consulting a doctor. However, to be absolutely certain, a doctor's recommendation is always a way to go.

Male Enhancement Products May Help Solve Other Health Problems In Men

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Men's sexual issue such as impotence or erectile dysfunction is also a signal for other different health problems. That means treating ED with proper treatment or through an appropriate male enhancement product could cure other illnesses relating to ED.

One cause of impotence or ED is not having the proper blood flow in the penis. However, blood flow or circulation involves the entire nervous system, in general. This is the reason why people with heart or cardiovascular illnesses may suffer impotency as well.

According to a study, the same blood vessels causing the ED are also the same blood vessels causing heart attacks. Additionally, it is believed that, if there is an early sign of ED, this could potentially mean a sign of heart attack. Addressing either will solve the other one problem.

Men who are diagnosed of ED are not immediately prescribed or allow to take male enhancement pills or other related products, instead they are put into a more detailed testing such as taking the cholesterol levels and what are the types of blockages in their arteries they may have.

When all the tests are finalized, the whole issue is then fix as a whole, not only targeting the ED or the heart illness the patient has.

This is a vital consideration because when simply treating ED alone without proper diagnosis, there could be other bigger issues behind causing the ED, rather than the common psychological issues.

Therefore, taking the big picture is important. A doctor can then initiate the medication appropriate to the issue, and this could be the solution for ED and the other related health conditions discovered during the tests.

Common Male Enhancement Products

There are 3 commonly use male enhancements which are working well and are available in the market. These are viagra, levitro and cialis. The first two mentioned are both short acting medications for around 4 hours, while cialis is a longer acting medication. Cialis can work for an entire day.

However, this is an important to note that these male enhancer pills can interact with the types of foods consumed, specially fat foods like a steak or lasagna. These treatments, specially Viagra will not work as it supposed to be, since the fatty foods will absorb the effects of it. On the other hand, Levitra may work.

The recommended dosage for these treatment to work is to have an empty stomach when taking any of these. Cialis is different since it has a longer effects that will last in a day. Hence, taking it after breakfast, it can still have effects for the rest of the day, unlike the Viagra and Levitra which only last for few hours.

Before Doing Anything

If one has an ED, it is highly suggested to consult a doctor who is specializing in male health issues. This way, a proper tests can be performed to determine if there are other issues behind it.

Unless one is simply looking to enhance sexual drive and performance, it is fine to take a male enhancer. However, choose the ones which are made of natural and organic ingredients. Having to take pills based on natural ingredients, adverse side-effects can be avoided.

All Natural Tips To Solving Impotence - No Medications Required

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What Is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

As discussed in the previous post, erectile dysfunction(ED) or better known as impotence is the most common sexual issues in men. For most men, this can be an embarrassing experience specially if one is with a girl who is sexually active. This is a big turn OFF for women, specially if this is the first time attempting to have sex.

Below are tips which are natural and do not need any medication. These tips are perfect if one is suffering impotency due to psychological factors. However, you have to keep in mind that these are not an absolute option for a professional treatment. Since, these tips do not use any medication, they don't incur adverse side-effects.

All-Natural Ways To Solving Impotency

Check Medications

If one is taking medications due to high-blood pressure, or perhaps taking appetite suppressant pills, anti-depressant pills or any medications taken, ask the doctor if the medication being taken is causing the impotence. If the medication is over the counter, ask the pharmacist for the same information.

Breakout Of Fears

It is normal for a man to have an occasional erectile dysfunction which can be attributed to stress at work or perhaps some problems came which need mental attention. This is temporary and normal. However, if a man think of this incident so deeply, the anxiety and the fear itself of having this to happen again will become the cause of ED, itself. This is purely psychological and can be solve through changing the behavior and thinking.

This method is widely used by sex therapist for a couple who have sex problems, either one of the partner or both. Changing the way of thinking about sex is very effective, but this requires cooperation for both partners.

Make Sex More Exciting

Another factor that causes impotence in men is lack of excitement. Sex is a wonderful that can induce happiness, joy, adrenaline rush, burn calories and able to release tensions. Hence, why not make it more exciting every time having an intercourse.

If both partners are bored of the same place having sex, modify the place. Add some flowers or candles during intercourse, perhaps watching passionate adult movies before having the actual intercourse. Another good thing to make sexual intercourse more exciting is to try other sexual positions. There are dozens of positions to choose and both partners might agree on 3 to 4 positions every intercourse, making sex more exciting and adventurous.

Make Relaxation A Part Of Daily Life

Stress is the number one psychological killer to having impotency. If one let stress rule over the feelings, this can scale up and become the cause of being impotent.

Relaxation is not hard and should be part of every individual that can be done daily. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to do deep breathing exercises. This might seem not very long time as those monks meditating for hours in the temple, but doing deep breathing exercise of 10 to 15 minutes a day can have tremendous effect overtime.

Never Be Afraid, Express The Feelings

Expressing one's feeling during intercourse makes the partner to be more excited. Talk about this before having sex. It may not be perfect the first time doing it, but having to do it every time having an intercourse, this is exciting. Psychologically, this can make men's sexual desire to boost significantly, and ED would be history.

Talk About Sex Often

Sometimes, ED or impotence can be attributed to not feeling aroused. Therefore, talking about sex more often with a partner makes one's psychological point of view completely to change. When having a conversation about sex, tend not to make an intercourse. This makes the brain more excited.

Do Not Drink When Planning To Have Sex

Alcohol is among the external factors which trigger ED or impotence. Although, majority of men are not affected with this, but if one is among those affected, abstain from alcohol prior to having sex.

Masturbating Can Help

Masturbation is one effective way to solving impotence. Doing it regularly while away from a sex partner can greatly help.

These tips if followed appropriately can do male enhancement tremendously. Additionally, it is better to try these all-natural means than opting methods which are not natural and can deliver adverse side-effects.