All Natural Tips To Solving Impotence - No Medications Required

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As discussed in the previous post, erectile dysfunction(ED) or better known as impotence is the most common sexual issues in men. For most men, this can be an embarrassing experience specially if one is with a girl who is sexually active. This is a big turn OFF for women, specially if this is the first time attempting to have sex.

What Is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction(ED)

Below are tips which are natural and do not need any medication. These tips are perfect if one is suffering impotency due to psychological factors. However, you have to keep in mind that these are not an absolute option for a professional treatment. Since, these tips do not use any medication, they don't incur adverse side-effects.

All-Natural Ways To Solving Impotency

Check Medications

If one is taking medications due to high-blood pressure, or perhaps taking appetite suppressant pills, anti-depressant pills or any medications taken, ask the doctor if the medication being taken is causing the impotence. If the medication is over the counter, ask the pharmacist for the same information.

Breakout Of Fears

It is normal for a man to have an occasional erectile dysfunction which can be attributed to stress at work or perhaps some problems came which need mental attention. This is temporary and normal. However, if a man think of this incident so deeply, the anxiety and the fear itself of having this to happen again will become the cause of ED, itself. This is purely psychological and can be solve through changing the behavior and thinking.

This method is widely used by sex therapist for a couple who have sex problems, either one of the partner or both. Changing the way of thinking about sex is very effective, but this requires cooperation for both partners.

Make Sex More Exciting

Another factor that causes impotence in men is lack of excitement. Sex is a wonderful that can induce happiness, joy, adrenaline rush, burn calories and able to release tensions. Hence, why not make it more exciting every time having an intercourse.

If both partners are bored of the same place having sex, modify the place. Add some flowers or candles during intercourse, perhaps watching passionate adult movies before having the actual intercourse. Another good thing to make sexual intercourse more exciting is to try other sexual positions. There are dozens of positions to choose and both partners might agree on 3 to 4 positions every intercourse, making sex more exciting and adventurous.

Make Relaxation A Part Of Daily Life

Stress is the number one psychological killer to having impotency. If one let stress rule over the feelings, this can scale up and become the cause of being impotent. Relaxation is not hard and should be part of every individual that can be done daily. Set aside 10 to 15 minutes a day to do deep breathing exercises. This might seem not very long time as those monks meditating for hours in the temple, but doing deep breathing exercise of 10 to 15 minutes a day can have tremendous effect overtime.

Never Be Afraid, Express The Feelings

Expressing one's feeling during intercourse makes the partner to be more excited. Talk about this before having sex. It may not be perfect the first time doing it, but having to do it every time having an intercourse, this is exciting. Psychologically, this can make men's sexual desire to boost significantly, and ED would be history.

Talk About Sex Often

Sometimes, ED or impotence can be attributed to not feeling aroused. Therefore, talking about sex more often with a partner makes one's psychological point of view completely to change. When having a conversation about sex, tend not to make an intercourse. This makes the brain more excited.

Do Not Drink When Planning To Have Sex

Alcohol is among the external factors which trigger ED or impotence. Although, majority of men are not affected with this, but if one is among those affected, abstain from alcohol prior to having sex.

Masturbating Can Help

Masturbation is one effective way to solving impotence. Doing it regularly while away from a sex partner can greatly help. These tips if followed appropriately can do male enhancement tremendously. Additionally, it is better to try these all-natural means than opting methods which are not natural and can deliver adverse side-effects.

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