The Facts Behind Pyronie's Disease Revealed

10:23 PM

Pyronie's disease also known as induratio penis plastica(IPP) is deformity of the penis usually result in unusual curving in an upward direction. It is normal for a penis to be curved, however, the Pyronie's disease is beyond the normal curve which can cause pain, discomfort and difficulty during sexual intercourse.

This condition occurs mostly on men ages 30 and above. This is due to the scar tissue which occurs at the erectile tissue in the penis. Until these days, it is still controversial as why this happens, but most medical experts believed that is due to trauma or injury during sexual intercourse, others believed that it is related to some genetically manifested disease. It's not clear yet, but one thing clear is that, if one has this, solutions are available should one consult and seek medical support.

It is estimated that between 1% and 4% of men have Peyronie's disease. However, this estimate is probably far beyond the actual numbers as some men do not seek medical advice and support due to the perception of embarrassment. Men who have this kind of penile condition should not hesitate to consult and seek medical advice. There are effective solutions available to correcting the issue, however it is vital that one must consult a doctor in order to be guided accordingly as what appropriate action is necessary.

Treatment Options and Procedures

As explained in the video above, there are treatments available for this type of penile condition. This is a clear sign that this is really treatable and correctable should one seek medical help.

Ignoring such condition will only cause pain on you, but for your partner as well. Enjoying an exciting and interesting intercourse should be experience towards both partners. Tell your partner about, talk about it and decide to seek medical help while it's still early. It maybe too late when you decide to correct if you are in your 80s.

Physical Therapy and Self-Administered Treatments

Although doctors recommend the surgical procedure for correcting Pyronie's disease, penis extenders such as SizeGenetics, Male Edge and X4 Labs extenders are available in the market which can be bought by anyone who wants to perform self-administered and gentle stretching of the scar tissue causing the condition. This procedure is not advice by doctors, but there are some controversial endorsement seen online with regards to penis extenders.

Additionally, new version of penis pumps based on water pressure have potential to help correct Pyronie's disease. Hydro penis pumps are the new type of pumps that uses water instead of air vacuum. The good news, hydro pumps are more efficient than conventional air vacuum pumps. Even though these pumps are safe to use, it is recommended to follow the manufacturers' instructions on how to use the product properly and safely.

The very first hydro pump sold in the market was Bathmate. Quickly, it become popular among men who are interested in increasing penis length and girth. In fact, men who have used it are happy with the results they have achieved.

Late of last year, 2012, another player emerged in the world of hydro pumps. Penomet released its own version of hydro penis pumps. It has different but innovative design to achieving different pressure of pumping.

Seeking Psychological Support

The reason why this penile condition is not really known to most men is that, those who have such condition are afraid to reveal it to seek medical assistance, due to embarrassment or perhaps the feeling of inferiority and loss of self-confidence. These are all psychological issues, and perhaps before going to a medical professional for treatment, approaching a support group such as the might be a good idea.

Having a support group or a group of people who understand the situation can significantly help encourage the patient to seek medical treatment. Therefore, if anyone of you who is reading this article, visit the website mentioned and ask advice. You don't have to suffer on it for a lifetime, where there is a possible solution waiting for you.

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