Male Enhancement Products May Help Solve Other Health Problems In Men

6:07 PM

Men's sexual issue such as impotence or erectile dysfunction is also a signal for other different health problems. That means treating ED with proper treatment or through an appropriate male enhancement product could cure other illnesses relating to ED.

One cause of impotence or ED is not having the proper blood flow in the penis. However, blood flow or circulation involves the entire nervous system, in general. This is the reason why people with heart or cardiovascular illnesses may suffer impotency as well.

According to a study, the same blood vessels causing the ED are also the same blood vessels causing heart attacks. Additionally, it is believed that, if there is an early sign of ED, this could potentially mean a sign of heart attack. Addressing either will solve the other one problem.

Men who are diagnosed of ED are not immediately prescribed or allow to take male enhancement pills or other related products, instead they are put into a more detailed testing such as taking the cholesterol levels and what are the types of blockages in their arteries they may have.

When all the tests are finalized, the whole issue is then fix as a whole, not only targeting the ED or the heart illness the patient has. This is a vital consideration because when simply treating ED alone without proper diagnosis, there could be other bigger issues behind causing the ED, rather than the common psychological issues.

Therefore, taking the big picture is important. A doctor can then initiate the medication appropriate to the issue, and this could be the solution for ED and the other related health conditions discovered during the tests.

Common Male Enhancement Products

There are 3 commonly use male enhancements which are working well and are available in the market. These are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. The first two mentioned are both short acting medications for around 4 hours, while Cialis is a longer acting medication. Cialis can work for an entire day.

However, this is an important to note that these male enhancer pills can interact with the types of foods consumed, specially fat foods like a steak or lasagna. These treatments, specially Viagra will not work as it supposed to be, since the fatty foods will absorb the effects of it. On the other hand, Levitra may work.

The recommended dosage for these treatment to work is to have an empty stomach when taking any of these. Cialis is different since it has a longer effects that will last in a day. Hence, taking it after breakfast, it can still have effects for the rest of the day, unlike the Viagra and Levitra which only last for few hours.

Before Doing Anything

If one has an ED, it is highly suggested to consult a doctor who is specializing in male health issues. This way, a proper tests can be performed to determine if there are other issues behind it. Unless one is simply looking to enhance sexual drive and performance, it is fine to take a male enhancer. However, choose the ones which are made of natural and organic ingredients. Having to take pills based on natural ingredients, adverse side-effects can be avoided.

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