Penile Enlargement Techniques To Avoid

8:46 PM

There is no doubt that most men want to increase penis size, and some even perform techniques even if it poses risk. When searching online for penis enlargement exercises for increasing the penile size, there are 3 popular techniques that will always come ahead of the search results, these are clamping, stretching and hanging.

Men when presented with these techniques, majority will go grab one and do the exercise. However, these exercises should be avoided as each has its own danger associated. Besides these are risky procedures, it gives a very disappointing results.

We are going to discuss below each method and why one should avoid it. Better use what you have than having to achieve undesirable results using these techniques.

Clamping Exercise

Clamping exercise involve using a clamping device with the goal to increase length of the penis. Unfortunately, this is among the most unsafe technique of penile exercise. It does not offer beneficial results, instead it results in long-term adverse effects like thrombosis, pain and discomfort, tingling sensation on the tip of the penis as well as numbness.

Stretching Exercise

When penis stretching is concern, this exercise involves using a traction or stretching device. This may not be as bad as the clamping technique, but this too does not give good results. Should we say, it's not worth the time and effort doing with very little or unnoticeable results.

As with clamping, stretching devices can lead to pain and discomfort, impotence, tissue damage, urinary issues as well as cell damage which can result to long-term or irreversible damage to the penis. There is always an exception, though... as performing stretches in moderate but consistent frequency can lead to or encourage natural growth or increase in penis size in the long run.

Hanging Exercise

Among the three techniques mentioned, hanging is the oldest one using weights and gadgets which hang on the penis. This results to minor increase to the length of the penis, however it could decrease the size. Therefore, there is a trade-off between the increase in length and the decrease in size. The length is how long is the penis while the size is the girth or the diameter of the penis.

As with the other techniques mentioned, this method can cause undesirable effects such as sever nerve damage and erectile dysfunction or impotence. The good news is, these techniques are outdated and are not recommended to be use as a male or penile enhancement. Therefore, if there is one promoting in the internet claiming these are new techniques, that is a lie as these techniques existed many years ago and proven to caused bad effects for a man's sexual health.

Never attempt what you've just watched. Hanging is still acceptable way of increasing penis size, but left that to the experienced ones. It's more an exhibition rather than enlargement or penile health therapy purposes. If anyone wants to increase the size of the penis, consulting a medical professional who is expert in the field is highly recommended. Never attempt to do anything unless you know exactly what you are doing. Doing something physical that is not clinically approved could endanger the penis health, it could be irreversible and this could be the end of the sexual activity.

Always consider the risks and weigh if the method is worth doing. In fact, one may not need a bigger size, as most women are satisfied with what her partner has, size does not matter. Men may not be aware that having a larger penis is simply psychological, performance always wins. However, psychological factors have significant impact on one's personality, particularly self-confidence when it comes to women and sexual performance.

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