Male Enhancement Surgery Gain and What Women Thinks About Sizes

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For most men, having a bigger penis is a big deal, whether one admits it or not. Even though most women admit that size does not matter, but there are some who admit that when engaged with a partner having bigger penis, it does provide more pleasure. Whether that's psychological, only they know exactly if it really an advantage or not. However, it seems that having penis a bit bigger than the average is more preferable.

With regards to men who are under average size penis, one of the realistic options for male enhancement is through surgery. However, it is essential to note that sizes vary according to race. Hence, a Japanese man is not recommended to having the size of an average American man.

How It Works

The Two Surgical Techniques

There are two surgical methods use for male enhancement, the thickening(widening) and lengthening. The lengthening method was inspired and began in Boston during the early 1980s. This method was meant to help children who were born with micro penis, small penis at 6 cm in length during full erection. This typically gives and additional 2.4 inches in length. Learn more about these origins here

During the late 1980s, a Chinese doctor in the name of Dr. Long Daochao improved the method and he was known to be the inventor of penis lengthening technique that is being use until today. In fact, he was considered as the pioneer and inventor of modern penis extension.

In the late 1980s, Long developed the modern procedure of penis augmentation where the skin of the penis is cut at the base of the shaft to reveal the suspensory ligament, which attaches the penis to the body.

Long then cut this ligament which allowed lowered the penis down and forward, before covering the gap between the shaft and the bone with the skin of the lower abdomen.

However, Dr Long is by no means the first person to experiment with penises.

The Male Miamin of New Guinea wear artificial penis extensions to increase their masculine appearance. Australian aboriginals have been known to split their penis down the urethral slit so that it ended up as a broad flat band, and South Sea Islanders from Mangaia create a "super incision" deep down the top of the penis so the foreskin hangs down in a drape, leaving the glans exposed.

Sources 1 and 2. Unfortunately, there are not many sources about Dr. Long Daochao in order to learn more about of his works regarding penis enlargement.

On the other hand, the thickening or widening method started in Miami during the early 80s as well and utilizing the technique which now known in modern medicine as FFT or Free Fat Transfer. This method was widely accepted and it offers high success rate during its first operations.

The Ideal Size

As mentioned, ideal size for a penis is dependent on ethnicity or race. Below are the ideal sizes with respect to ethnicity;

  • France – 6.3 inches (typical)
  • Italy and Russia – 5.9 inches (typical)
  • Mexico – 5.9 inches (typical)
  • Germany – 5.7 inches (typical)
  • Spain – 5.4 inches (typical)
  • Japan – 5.1 inches (typical)
  • United States – 5.1 inches
  • Saudi Arabia – 4.9 inches
  • India – 4 inches
  • Korea – 3.8 inches

As listed above, penis sizes are dependent to races or ethnicity. Therefore, the decision of having a penile enhancement or enlargement can be base on the sizes mentioned. Of course, one should match the size as to which ethnicity he belongs.

Always keep in mind before opting for a surgical way of enhancing the penis. Talk to your partner on what you agree about the operation. If both agrees, then it's a good time to go and have the surgery, otherwise if one disagree, just use what nature provides you.

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